At Amanda Cole Hypnotherapy & Wellbeing, I passionately support, inspire and empower women towards a future of health, happiness, success and abundance.


I can help break through limiting beliefs; reduce stress and anxieties, increase self-esteem and confidence levels, work towards a positive body image and weight management pursuits and improve mindset and self-belief.


Supporting expectant mums and their birth partners during pregnancy is so important to me. I enable them to experience a calmer, more confident and comfortable birth, where they’re in control.


I also devote time working with mums, whether first timers or those with multiple children. I help steer them through potential overwhelm, guilt and burnout to focus on their incredible abilities as a mother.


Call me today for a FREE 20 minute chat to discuss your needs.


I work with women throughout the UK and beyond, either in person or via video conferencing, which is extremely successful. I utilise the positive power of mindful hypnotherapy and natural hypnobirthing, drawing on my own experiences and self development, to devise personalised plans, which will achieve your desired outcomes.


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Hypnotherapy can be embraced to make so many positive changes in your life. With my support, we can help you to value and accept change; empower positivity in your life, enable you to release fear, stress, anxiety & worry, allow you to regain control of your lifestyle, challenge your ingrained limiting beliefs, wave goodbye to the past and grow as a person. All this whilst feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Through relaxation, the power of positive suggestion and guided imagery to the subconscious mind, we work together towards a happier and healthier outcome for you.


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Invest in yourself today, to have the belief to follow your dreams tomorrow.



The Self-Belief Masterclass can empower you to break through your fears, inner-critic and self sabotaging to build confidence, resilience, boundaries and self-worth; through easy to use developmental tools and the unique feature of transformational hypnotherapy. 

Are you feeling…

UNWORTHY & UNDESERVING of happiness, success and putting yourself first?

FEARFUL & AVOIDING stepping out of your comfort zone and taking action?

GUILTY & SABOTAGING your efforts to make a positive change in your career, relationships and health? 

Maybe you feel stuck, doubtful, overwhelmed or taken advantage of? 


Everyone experiences this and I definitely have.

BUT, by letting any of these hold you back, what is it costing you right now?

I went from ‘down-trodden, overwhelmed, people pleasing mum’ to ‘tenacious, assured mum & self-belief mentor ’ by using all of the techniques I teach in the masterclass. 

I can support you to discover what is holding you back and most importantly, why. 

Together we can begin to change your thoughts and actions for the better. If I can become a self-believer, then why not you?

Launching w/c 26th September - join an encouraging and supportive community of like-minded women.

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Hi, I'm Amanda!

I've always had a keen interest in health, wellness and holistic approaches.
Having worked for almost 20 years in both corporate events and photography, plus having endured some turbulent years myself, I had a real calling to help others through a form of talk therapy and qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2013.
However, my journey led me back to corporate life until the birth of my son in 2017, when I explored hypnobirthing. This reignited my passions for wellbeing and I embarked on an exciting adventure focusing on my own personal development and intention to help others.


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Worthing, West Sussex
United Kingdom

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Opening hours Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm by appointment only.

Weekday evening and Saturday appointments available upon request.

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