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For invested mums-to-be ready to have a birth a calm, relaxed, confident and more comfortable birth.

Join the private retreat to feel fully prepared and supported for a positive and truly special birth experience.

Congratulations, what an exciting time! 

What if your birth could feel calmer and more comfortable, where you are fully in control and able to have the experience you're hoping for?

If you could feel 100% confident in your yourself, trusting your body & baby and feel supported and listened to, what would that mean to you and your partner?

It IS possible for you, even if you don't feel like that right now! 

I'm so passionate about supporting mums-to-be just like you on your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood journey, to positively shift your thoughts and beliefs around childbirth and becoming a Mum.

By taking part in The Calm Birth Retreat, you'll be feeling calm, confident and in control, excited, ready and prepared for your baby's birth.

The impact of this is HUGE, not just for you, but for your birth partner and baby as well. It's been well documented that hypnobirthed babies are calmer, more alert, content and easy going! 

The Calm Birth Retreat is ideal for mums-to-be who are committed, enthusiastic and want to give birth on their terms.

Over the 5 week retreat, of approx. 8+ hour learning, we will focus on:

  • Boosting your confidence and feelings of calm and relaxation

  • Managing your expectations and ability to remain in control 

  • Equipping you and your birth partner with practical tools and techniques

  • Eliminating your main worries, fears or anxieties about giving birth and becoming a Mum

  • Managing any other worries or concerns you or your birth partner may have

  • Empowering you and your birth partner to feel prepared and comfortable to ask questions

I have 100% been in your shoes, having had two children, both of who were hypnobirthed babies! I am always happy to be completely transparent and answer any questions about my own experiences (which were both quite different).

You will also receive fully downloadable resources to keep including all sessions notes, birth affirmations, prompt sheets, mp3 guided hypnobirthing tracks, example birth positions, birth partner notes and ongoing support throughout.

I'd love to chat further and tell you more about working with me on The Calm Birth Retreat.

Please note - I usually recommend any hypnobirthing techniques to be undertaken after your 20th week of pregnancy.






Hypnobirthing can also be used when you are having an elected C-Section and I can offer a specialised mp3 guided hypnotherapy track to use before the birth at home and during your C-Section in theatre. 

If your baby is breech or not in an optimal position, hypnosis can also be used from 32 weeks to aid in turning baby. I can offer a specific mp3 guided hypnotherapy track to use at home. These have a good success rate and are much more comfortable than many turning procedures!

If you are suffering with severe 'morning sickness' (although, we know it's not just the morning!) then I can work with you to relieve the symptoms via hypnotherapy. I can also offer a calming mp3 guided hypnotherapy track to use at home. 

Did you Know?

If you're wanting a calm, confident birth, where you're in control but would prefer online, self-paced guidance that you and your birth partner can work through together, take a look at Confident Birthing Essentials below.

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