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See what my clients are saying and get a better idea of the kind of service you’ll receive from me.

"I've always been curious about hypnotherapy and wondered if it could help me. Amanda was really lovely and made me feel at ease right from my initial consultation. She was very understanding and respectful, which made me feel comfortable and in safe hands throughout.
I loved how consultative and personalised the whole experience was and Amanda did an amazing job at creating a dialogue and visualisation that really addressed my personal needs, which interlaced all aspects we'd discussed in my consultation.
I found the sessions very relaxing, often my hands would feel heavy and tingly afterwards. After my second session I started to notice a slight shift in my mindset - my thoughts and perspectives were changing. After my third session I started to to see much more noticeable positive shifts in my behaviours and actions. I felt more at peace, more present and more aligned in my everyday life.
It was wonderful to receive a recording of my personalised hypnosis, once my sessions came to an end. I can continue to listen and use this to keep me on the right track and continue to see results in my life through my shifted mindset and positive behaviours and actions".

Stephanie, Hertfordshire

"I approached Amanda to help me with body image and to assist my weight loss journey. Amanda was kind, warm and put me at ease immediately as she talked me through the process and what to expect. 
I've had an amazing experience with Amanda - everything is personally tailored, making it meaningful and specific to me, which I appreciated. In between sessions, Amanda was available for tweaks and support and I felt she genuinely cared about my experience. 
Since our sessions have finished I have enjoyed listening to my personal recording and seen great benefit from it. I already feel more relaxed and in control around food, have experienced less appetite and I'm more certain of my ability to break through the plateau I've been facing as a result of sessions with Amanda".

Gabrielle, Surrey

I would thoroughly recommend Amanda and the knowledge she imparts about hypnobirthing. I was anxious and nervous about the whole labour process, which hindered the enjoyment of my pregnancy but the techniques provided by Amanda helped me to learn to enjoy the experience and also to remain calm and feel in control during my labour"

Sarah, West Sussex


I absolutely loved my hypnobirthing experience with Amanda - as did my partner! I got so much more value from the course than I initially thought. Not only did Amanda help me feel calm, confident and in control of my birth, she made me feel EXCITED and EMPOWERED! I now know how I can help to keep calm but I also have a better understanding about the different stages of labour too! I would highly recommend Amanda, she was amazing!

Lucy, Essex

Discover how I can support you through the power of Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing and Wellbeing.

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