Initial Telephone Consultation - Free of Charge

Having looked on the website, you may have initial questions or queries around any of the services I offer. I am happy to chat via the telephone (approx. 20 mins) to help you make a decision on whether you would like to book an initial consultation and subsequent sessions, wellbeing session or hypno-birthing course.

Hypnotherapy Initial Consultation Fee £120

The initial consultation (or first session) will be held in person or via video conference and will last for approximately 1.5 hours to establish all necessary details of the concern and create the personalised treatment plan. Initial relaxation techniques will also be included.

Hypnotherapy Session Fee £60

Each session following the initial consultation will be held in person or via video conference and will last approximately 1 hour. 

Hypno-Birthing Courses

Private courses on a 1:1 basis (online or in person) £250

Group courses (up to 5 couples - online or in person) £180

All courses include session notes and mp3 hypnosis tracks for use at home, plus ongoing phone, email or video conference support.

Personal Wellbeing Consultation

I am able to offer a free of charge initial telephone consultation (approx. 20 mins) and chat about what you are looking to gain from the session and how I can help.

A one off session thereafter will be charged at £145, lasting 2 hours. 

Corporate Wellbeing Consultation 

I am able to offer a free of charge initial telephone consultation (approx. 20 mins) to establish your requirements for the online wellbeing session.

Fees vary, depending on the length of session and inclusion of topics and resources.

Please contact me for further information.

Wellbeing Kits

The range of kits start from £35 per kit and include up to 4 self-care items, plus up to 3 downloadable mindfulness tools. Kits are suitable for ages 16 years upwards. 

Please contact me for further details and inclusions.​