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Private 1:1 Hypnobirthing Class

A personalised experience, for women and their birth partners wanting private 1:1 sessions, to enjoy individually. 

The course will include advice and guidance, relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques, mindset tools and a specific hypnotherapy session in each class. You will also receive:

  • 1:1 Teaching - The course content includes a range of tools and techniques, which can be implemented immediately. Content can be focused on your specific needs and requirements also.

  • Resources - I offer session notes and complimentary downloads from all sessions, including affirmations, prompt sheets and mp3 tracks of self hypnosis.

  • Flexibility - Sessions times can be booked to suit your needs and schedule. Sessions can be run in person or online, so you don't have to be based in West Sussex, where I am! 

  • Support - I offer ongoing support for women and their birth partners, via phone, video call or email in the lead up to the birth.

All classes can be attended alone, or with your birth partner.

If you are having a birth partner present at the birth, it is advisable to have them attend as many of the sessions as possible with you, as they will be an active part of your birth experience. Their own fears and anxieties can be greatly reduced and they will be a more informed, calm support for you during labour. 

It is advised classes take place from 20 weeks of pregnancy, however if you wish to begin classes sooner, I'd be happy to chat with you about this. Hypnobirthing classes are a great way to meet other expectant mums, learn together and make new friends. 

The entire course covers 7.5 hours of teaching, across five 1.5 hour sessions on a weekly basis. Depending on your schedule, we can alter the time frame, if required.

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Session One explores: 

  • Relaxation and breathing, before, during and post-labour, plus their benefits.

  • We also look at the role of the birth partner, location of birth and fears & expectations.

  • Hypnosis is focused around confident birthing and birth as a natural process, plus establishing optimal breathing.

Session Two explores:

  • Establishing optimal birth conditions.

  • We also look at the 'CCC' mental state and reframing negative messages and associations around birth.​

  • Hypnosis is focused around powerful positivity for childbirth.

Session Three explores:

  • Stage one labour, anchoring and discomfort management.

  • We also look at cartesian questioning, the progression of labour and dilation, and understanding how your expectations of pain influence the birth.

  • Hypnosis is focused around using an anchor and discomfort management to optimize your 'CCC' mental state.

Session Four explores:

  • Transition and stage two of labour.

  • We also look at both the birth partners and babies experience of birth, the change in breathing during stage two labour and assisting the natural expulsive reflex.

  • Hypnosis is focused around transition and consciously breathing baby down.

Session Five explores:

  • Stage three labour, breastfeeding and post-natal recovery.

  • We also look at the importance of internal & external language; when things don't go according to plan, the role of the birth partner and post-natal benefits of hypnosis.

  • Hypnosis is focused around supporting you to welcome your baby, placental delivery and positive post-natal recover.

Private hypnobirthing classes begin from £285 inc. VAT per birthing couple. Payment plans are available.

Ongoing Support

I offer ongoing support throughout your birth journey via email, phone or video call to answer any queries or advise where possible. 
I would encourage the techniques to be practiced ideally everyday in the lead up to the birth, so you and your birth partner are familiar with all of the learnings and you can quickly and easily implement them during labour.

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