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Rock that Bump!

Accepting and embracing your changing body during pregnancy can be tough, with so many physical and emotional changes taking place. I know of so many women who have struggled with how much their bodies have altered during the nine month period (and after!), from initial sickness, fatigue, spots and bloating to water retention, stretch marks, piles and weight gain.

So often, this can result in a lack of both self confidence and overall body confidence, but my advice is....DON'T LET IT! There is no better time than to learn the art of self-acceptance and have the opportunity to actually increase your confidence, than when you are nurturing and growing a tiny person inside you.

During my first pregnancy, I totally embraced the changes and felt proud of my bump. Why wouldn't I? I was a one of the walking miracles of nature, doing all for the first time and being able to wear the types of figure hugging clothes I definitely wouldn't have worn pre-pregnancy, for fear of any lumps and bumps showing. I have a massive shift in my perception of my own body and saw it as something amazing to be celebrated and not disguised. I'm not saying I was wearing hot pants and a crop top, far from it, but those bodycon dresses I'd always avoided were something I would wear with pride, showing off the growing bump and not worrying what people thought. It was totally liberating for the first time in a long time.

Even though, this time with baby no 2 on the way, it's a harder pregnancy (due to me being older, less fit, carrying a bit more weight of my own and being knackered already with a 4 year old) I am still embracing the changes and taking the opportunity to wear what I want, whilst rocking that bump!

Let's all embrace those changes and be proud of the super human abilities our bodies have and how we can handle so much that is thrown at us, both mentally and physically. Because, after all....who runs the world....GIRLS!

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