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A Pregnant Hypnobirthing Practitioner - My Journey

What is it like being a pregnant hypnobirthing practitioner? Actually, great fun!

What I love the most is being able to share my ongoing pregnancy experience with all the other mums-to-be and their birth partners that book on one of my hypnobirthing courses. I can relate first hand to all of their joy and excitement as well as their concerns and reservations. However, I am in the privileged position to be able to offer support and advice, alleviate their fears (and my own) and join them in celebrating the impending birth of a new life.

So here I am, at 20 weeks pregnant, awaiting the next scan and at the stage where I will also be embarking on my own hypnobirthing journey, by focusing on a calmer, confident birth, where I am in control and utilizing all of the amazing self hypnosis I practice with my mums-to-be.

For me, it's my third pregnancy, but will be my second child, having suffered a miscarriage in 2020. This has certainly heightened my anxieties around this pregnancy, I won't lie and I'm sure any other mother having been through such a terrible loss would feel the same.

I'll also be giving birth this time around at 40 years old, living a vastly diverse life since the birth of my son in 2017. I am definitely older, less fit and more tired, which makes for a very difference experience!

However, I also know more of what to expect, have faith in my own abilities and understand how fear, anxiety, stress and worry can have a detrimental effect on pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

Join me on my journey week by week to see how life as a pregnant hypnobirthing practitioner evolves...hormones and all!

Image: My little boy, who is about to turn 4 years old, cuddling the Bump (I've not told him he is going to be a big brother yet...once I have the 20 weeks scan, all will be revealed to him!)

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