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As a mum myself, I know how challenging having a new baby can be (I've had two!) especially when you're feeling isolated, unsure and overwhelmed. I wanted to create this space for you, which focuses on you and lends a supportive hand.

Below are a series of FREE audio downloads, to support you in your journey of early motherhood.

Becoming a new mum is a joyous occasion, but it can also have a huge affect on your life and mental health in many ways.
Unfortunately, these affects aren't often spoken about or addressed as much as they should be.
However, society is becoming more aware of maternal mental health issues now and there are many resources and organisations available to help, if you know where to look.
Here, we focus on your maternal mental health and a series of topics, which affect both new and experienced mums into the first year (or longer) after giving birth. 

  • Your Post Birth Body Image
    Accepting your body changing during pregnancy and post birth can be hard for many women. The arrival of stretch marks, hair growth, varicose veins, bloating and weight gain, (to name a few!) can affect many new mums confidence and self-esteem levels. There should never be an expectation on new mums to pop back into your skinny jeans 2 weeks after giving birth.

  • Your Mindset
    Trying to have a positive mindset as a new mum can be a rollercoaster of a ride, your emotions can be affected by so much and it is so easy to slip into negative thinking that you're not good enough or constantly comparing yourself to other mums. Don't fall into the trap of trying to be perfect, there is no such thing.


  • Your (lack of) Sleep
    Even if you have a baby who is sleeping through the night almost immediately (lucky you!) your sleep can be impacted by your hormones, pain or feeling uncomfortable after birth, over-tiredness, the baby stirring or other children waking. A lack of sleep leads to a reduction in your overall wellbeing (remember, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture!).


  • Your Identity
    Very little is often spoken about your identity as a woman changing so dramatically when you become a new mum. Even if you've already got children, having another can change your existing role and your family dynamic. Potentially, your work, finances, lifestyle and friendships can all be affected by a new baby and many women begin to miss their old lives and the freedoms they had. It doesn't mean you're a bad mum, it means you're having to adjust to a new way of life. 

Please feel free to utilise the FREE mp3 audio tracks available here. They are specific to each topic and include guided hypnotherapy, positive affirmations, relaxations and visualisations.
You can listen to these as often as you want to, however at least 1-2 times per week will begin to have a positive impact.

I hope you enjoy all of the guides and they help you to increase your confidence and self esteem; get better sleep, develop a positive mindset and embrace your identity as a powerful woman and mum. 

To download the FREE audio resources, just pop in your name and email address.

Enjoy and remember, you're an amazing mum!


Many women experience a dip in confidence about their bodies after giving birth. It is natural to struggle with your bodies changing appearance and want it to spring back to what it was prior to pregnancy. Remember, you're in a transition period and allowing your body to heal after it has grown and birthed a new life! Don't believe all the stories of new mums fitting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes within 2 weeks, or fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. You are on your own journey; you can regain your body confidence, feel empowered as a new mum and take action to become more body positive. 

I have created a FREE downloadable self-hypnosis track, which will support you in feeling more positive about your post-birth body image. Listen to daily, or 2-3 times a week and feel the shift in your body confidence. Ideal to use alongside a healthy eating and exercise plan.

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The 'baby-blues' post birth can last up to 2 weeks and be a difficult period in an already overwhelming time. Having a good support network, healthy lifestyle, reducing stress & anxieties and practicing techniques for a positive mindset can all help you see brighter days ahead. It is easy to convince yourself you're not good enough or that you're failing in some way. Remember, your baby thinks you are an amazing mum, whether you believe it or not! You can begin affirming positive and confident thoughts about yourself and your abilities as a new mum today. 

I have created a FREE downloadable daily affirmation track, which will help develop and reinforce a more optimistic mindset. Listen to daily, or at least 2-3 times a week to feel the benefits to your mindset and self-talk.

Please note - If you believe you are suffering from post-natal depression symptoms (rather than just a low mood), please speak to your GP. Don't suffer in silence, it's so much more common than you think (I wish I'd have sought help when I needed it, rather than years later).

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Trust me when I say, this is what I struggled with the most when I had baby no.1. Going from 8 peaceful hours a night (albeit not the last month of pregnancy!) to waking every hour to crying, feeding and nappy changes was a shock to my system and lead me down a road of severe sleep deprivation for months. My partner wouldn't help during the night, so I was alone, frustrated and exhausted. I felt like I was constantly failing as a new mum.
Having a consistent lack of sleep can wreak havoc on both your physical and mental wellbeing.  One of the most important things you can do is get support; whether from your partner, family or friends to give you some rest time, either at night or in the day. It's okay to be the mum who sleeps when the baby sleeps and to sack off the housework! 
Advice is to get an early night on a regular basis, keep stress to a minimum, go out for walks, start to understand your babies sleep patterns and find ways to relax. Easier said than done, but make yourself a priority, please!
I have created a FREE downloadable relaxation & visualisation track to help you feel calm and to engage in rest and sleep (when you can!) Listen as often as possible.

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So often new mums can get caught up in an identity crisis, conflicted and confused about their specific roles. If you've gone from high flying business woman to stay at home mum, this transition can be challenging and throw up all sorts of emotions. It certainly doesn't make you a bad mum! It means a journey of adjustment, acceptance and growth needs to take place, to identify with who you were, who you've become and who you want to be in the future.

It is very common for new mums to say "I feel like I've lost myself". Your life pre-baby probably looked very different, with regular adult contact, high level conversations, being fully involved, respected and generally getting things done! However, once baby arrives, you're met with little adult contact, feeling out of the loop, surrounded by chaos, the same conversations (all about babies!) and little acknowledgement for the massive life shift you've gone through. 

I have created a FREE downloadable self-hypnosis track, which focuses on accepting these changes, releasing any negative thoughts and reigniting your identity as both a powerful woman and mum.

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