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Mums Summer Holidays Survival Kit

The summer holidays are fast approaching and whether you're a stay at home mum or working mum, having the kids at home for a six week period can increase your stress levels, leave you feeling (more) tired and in need of a sanity check. 

The Mums Summer Holidays Survival Kit includes 4 FREE downloads including:

  • Optimal Breathing & Relaxation Audio (mp3)

  • Positive Self Talk for Mums & Kids

  • Believe in Yourself as a Mum Self-hypnosis (mp3)

  • Gratitude Journaling Guide

The downloads will help to relax you at the end of each busy day, shift to a positive mindset and communicate better with your kids, increase your confidence & assurance as a Mum and focus on all of the things to be grateful for.

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