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Amanda Cole Hypnotherapy & Wellbeing offers a range of services. 
Click on the links below to learn more about how they can benefit your life.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of talk therapy, now recommended by the NHS for specific issues. Through positive suggestion and guided imagery to the subconscious mind, individuals can resolve their ongoing concerns and be guided to a happier and healthier outcome. Contact me to see how I can help.


Hypnobirthing helps reduce any associated fears and anxiety around child birth, ensuring expectant mothers and their birth partners are calm, confident and in control of their journeys. Courses offer value and insight into the physical and mental aspects of becoming parents. Speak to me about private, flexible courses to suit you or scheduled group courses.


It is my vision to champion holistic wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. Get in touch to find out how your staff could benefit from an online wellbeing session, to help improve morale, productivity and workplace relations.
Session are interactive and can cover a variety of topics relevant to your business needs.


How would your life benefit from a new approach to your wellbeing?
Would you feel empowered, more in control and resilient? 
Could you learn more about yourself and your potential?
I focus on how mindfulness techniques can enhance our everyday lives and give you the tools to help create clarity, balance and momentum each day.


I have developed a range of tangible wellbeing kits, which focus on self-care and mindfulness. The kits can be used at home to introduce new self-love routines or in the workplace as part of a new or existing wellbeing initiative. They are also friendly to the planet, sustainable and include vegan and cruelty free products.


I am passionate about helping others on their journeys so have created an easy to use library of downloadable guides and resources. Plus, easy to watch videos covering a multitude of health and wellbeing tips and techniques you can implement at home and in the workplace.

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