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A simple, relaxing and fast therapy that works

Did you know, over 90% of our daily life is controlled by the subconscious mind? Our beliefs, habits, values, intuition, behaviours and past experiences are all stored within the subconscious. 

As a Registered and Accredited Hypnotherapist, I support you to feel the best possible version of you,
Within in relatively short space of time, the impact on your daily life will be huge and the concerns you came to me with will be dramatically reduced or a distant memory. We will work together to understand the underlying reasons for your concerns and I will support you in taking a step by step approach under my expert guidance in releasing those beliefs, habits, thoughts or behaviours that are no longer serving you and rebuilding them as positive, calm, confident and empowered.

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What Can I Support You With?

No matter what the concern, I am here to listen and support you.

Book in for a free, no obligation chat today to find out if Hypnotherapy is right for you.

  • Anxiety
    It is the most common mental health issue and women are twice as likely to have anxiety than men (typical!). However, by getting to the root cause of the anxieties, these can efficiently be released and replaced with positive, calm, confident thoughts and feelings, where you are in control.
    I offer many practical anxiety management tools, which can be implemented immediately and work alongside Hypnotherapy. 


  • Stress
    Stress goes hand in hand with anxiety, both of which are within 'The Cycle of Busyness' which is a pattern many women get stuck in. It perpetuates feelings of overwhelm and guilt. This can lead to physical symptoms, a lack of self-worth and self-care and comparing yourself to others.
    Hypnotherapy can support you in breaking this cycle and letting go of the ingrained thoughts and beliefs that keep both your mind and body in a state of stress.


  • Body Image, Weight Loss & Emotional Eating 
    If you are one of the millions of women who are affected by body image issues or emotional eating remember, you are not alone.
    Losing or maintaining weight,
     having a positive body image or overcoming emotional eating can be made a lot trickier by social media, advertising and the fashion industry. Clinical hypnotherapy is an effective tool to help see yourself in a more positive light and make effective changes to your mindset. It can also help develop a positive relationship with your body, food, exercise and an overall approach to a healthier life.

  • Confidence & Self-Worth
    Perhaps you feel unworthy, undeserving, never good enough or the need to always please others - you're not alone.
    Very often your confidence and self-worth are formed in childhood and any negative experiences then taken into adulthood. Hypnotherapy can easily support you in feeling assured, confident, worthy and valued as a person by releasing and overcoming those ingrained negative thoughts and beliefs effectively. 


  • Limiting Beliefs, Purpose & Motivation
    Many women have dreams and goals they wish to pursue, but something is holding them back. Is it a lack of motivation or a limiting belief they have about themselves, which tells them they can't do it, or achieve it? 
    Ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners, athletes, students and any woman looking to make a positive life affirming change. 


  • Sleep 
    A lack of sleep or constantly disturbed sleep can have a very negative effect on your mood, concentration and overall health.

    It is vital to have good sleep to enable the body to heal and recharge. Sleep hypnotherapy can be especially effective alongside a good sleep routine to support you to get better quality sleep longer and for longer. I can help implement a practical and positive routine, whilst exploring any resistance or triggers, which could be working against you!

  • Grief & Bereavement 
    Grief is both a process and journey that is very individual. There is no right or wrong or time scale involved when you have lost a loved one. It can be an immense upheaval and adjustment to go through and many people reach out for support in these times. Hypnotherapy for grief can help you come to terms with and accept the loss, in order for you to reach the stage where the memories of your loved one can be enjoyed without the attached pain of missing them.

  • Hypnobirthing
    Hypnobirthing classes online or locally in Worthing...I offer The Calm Birth Retreat, which is a private programme, designed for invested mums to be and their birth partners, who are wanting to feel prepared, calm, confident and listened to, as they embark on their journey to parenthood.

    Please click here to find out more.

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