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The essential 1:1 hypnotherapy programme


Perfect for those with concerns around anxiety, stress, overwhelm, lack of confidence/esteem, guilt and fears & phobias.

What if life could feel calmer, less stressful, easier and more balanced for you?

If you could be in control of the ‘do it all’ juggle, feel on top of everything, confident and relaxed, what would that mean to you and those you love and support? 

  • Knowing there IS time to prioritise yourself.

  • Being able to slow down and be fully present in the here and now.

  • Having more patience and appreciation for the people around you and yourself.

  • Feeling energised, ready to achieve whatever you put your mind to. 

  • Having quiet space in your mind to invite positive, productive and empowered thoughts.

It IS all possible for you even if it might not feel it right now.

I see you, spending all your time and energy supporting and caring for everyone else, keeping all the plates spinning and putting on a brave face whilst putting yourself last on your list!

I was the same until I decided things had to change...and fast!


I'm so passionate in supporting women just like you on your own individual journey to positively shift your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.

In a matter of weeks, you'll be feeling calmer, more confident and much less stressed about any concerns you're having.

The impact of this is HUGE - not just for you but also the positive ripple effect for your loved ones too.

NOW really is the time to focus on YOU and how YOU want to feel. 


2 hour Initial Consultation:

This session will dive deep into discovering the reasoning for your current anxieties in order to build a plan of action.

We will also discuss what you’re wanting to achieve, identify your current anxiety & stress triggers and select specific imagery & modalities that resonate with you - all to create an ultimately successful outcome. 


Fully Personalised 12 or 6 Week Programme:

Following the 2 hour consultation, I will create a fully personalised programme for you, to include your specific circumstances, including past experiences and ideals for the future, plus your language & modalities.

As we work together week on week, the programme can be adjusted to incorporate specific thoughts & feelings, which may arise during the sessions. 

12 or 6 One Hour Hypnotherapy Sessions:

Sessions will take place in person or online via Zoom, at a mutually convenient date/time.

Each session includes time for feedback & questions plus the live personalised hypnotherapy.

Ongoing Support:

Support is given in between weekly sessions via email, text or message app (reply guaranteed within 24 hrs).

Mp3 Audio Recordings:

Final Mp3 audio recording of the combined weekly hypnotherapy sessions (client to have input on inclusions) sent one week after sessions are completed. 

Mp3 audio recording of full Progressive Muscle Relaxation with music at 432hz to promote feelings of calm, healing & clarity. 

Mp3 audio recording of the anchoring technique.

Call In Your Calm:

x10 downloadable and easy to implement practical management tools to integrate into your daily life. 

These can be used to evoke feelings of calm, confidence, stability and focus.  

Depending on your requirements, I offer super simple payment plans, starting from 4 months at £187 p/m. 

You can also pay in full. Please ask for more details. 

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The National Hypnotherapy Society
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