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Are you ready to feel calm, confident, balanced &
in control with less stress, anxiety, pain & fear?

hypnosis for weight loss

hypnotherapy Brighton

Hypnotherapy near me

"Amanda was really lovely and made me feel at ease right from my initial consultation. She was very understanding and respectful, which made me feel comfortable and in safe hands throughout.."



I am a Registered & Accredited Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner, located in Sussex.

My services are both online internationally and in person local to Worthing & Brighton.

Do you feel ready to let go of anxiety, stress and fears to embrace calm, ease and balance?

Perhaps you're wanting to unleash your inner confidence, embrace a positive body image or proactively lose weight?

Are you craving time for yourself and to feel free from guilt? Wanting to feel like yourself again in body & mind?

Maybe you're dreaming of a peaceful nights sleep? Or relief from pain and physical symptoms?

Are you a mum to be and want to feel heard, safe and prepared for the birth of your little one?

Having the solution will impact your daily life in a hugely positive way and the concerns you arrived with will be  a distant memory.

Now is the time to focus on you and how you want to feel, so you can be the best possible version of you.

Hypnobirthing classes near me


I specialise in supporting busy women to feel more stress-free, calm, confident and in control of their own thoughts, so they can thrive in their daily lives.
This has a truly life changing impact on those I work with and for their loved ones, who experience the positive ripple effect of the work we accomplish.


I support invested mums-to-be and their birth partners to have a calm, confident and more comfortable birth where they're in control.
Feel supported, listened to and fully prepared for your positive & special birth experience on this magical hypnobirthing journey.

"I approached Amanda to help me with body image and to assist my weight loss journey. Amanda was kind, warm and put me at ease immediately as she talked me through the process and what to expect. I've had an amazing experience with Amanda - everything is personally tailored, making it meaningful and specific to me, which I appreciated..."

Gabrielle, London

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Hi, I'm Amanda, registered Hypnotherapist, Hypnobirthing Practitioner and I'm on a mission to empower Mums.
Having worked for almost 20 years in both corporate events and photography, plus having endured some turbulent years myself, I had a real calling to help others through a form of talk therapy and qualified as a hypnotherapist in 2013.
However, my journey led me back to corporate life until the birth of my son in 2017, when I explored hypnobirthing. This reignited my passions for women's wellbeing and I embarked on an exciting adventure focusing on my own personal development and intention to help others through hypnotherapy.

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