The Mum's Self-Care
Advent Calendar 

The lead up to Christmas can be a fraught and stressful time with plenty to do on top of your already busy Mum workload.

Mum's are superheros but rarely have time for themselves, often feeling guitly for indulging in some 'me time'.


This festive season, give yourself permission to focus on your wellbeing and by Christmas morning, you can be feeling less stressed, more in control and ready to handle anything (even an under cooked turkey!)


The Mum's Self-Care Advent Calendar gives you the opportunity to have 10 minutes to yourself each day. Enjoy a new wellbeing activity for 25 days in December, to begin to feel happier, calmer, refreshed and more energised.

Plus. after 25 days, perhaps you can continue giving yourself at least 10 minutes (or more!) everyday into the New Year.

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Image by Kate Hliznitsova

Start your wellbeing journey on the 1st December

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